Fougasse Bread

Fougasse Bread

Fougasse Bread is a French bread that is famous in the Province,
south east of France. It will be a perfect addition to your table especially
with its rustic appeal.

To know how to make it, watch this video:


1 kg flour

700 ml lukewarm water

20 grams salt

20 grams instant dried yeast


Make sure the water is around 40 C.

This dough contains a high percentage of water and thus tends to be sticky. Be
patient when kneading the dough eventually it will be less sticky. This high
content of water is what gives fougasse its distinct texture.

Leave the dough to prove in a warm place until it doubles in size.

Creating water vapor inside the oven is what will create that crunchy crust on
the bread loaves.

Using maize flour to dust the top of the bread will help the bread get a nice
golden finish similar to those baked in a traditional oven.

When you create your loaves make sure that the slits you open are wide as they
tend to close up when baking.

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